For me, Ignite was powerful, intentional, and very necessary. It was necessary because I never really gave myself the time to work on my wellbeing. I didn’t realize that I had incredible power within to do anything I really wanted. It gave me the chance to chime into my passions and true desires for my sake so that I can actually live my life to the fullest.



I can break my experience at Ignite into 3 parts.

The 1st is Challenge. Going through my normal life, I didn’t really ask myself what I was capable of. The challenges of Ignite are designed to test you. They are designed to show you the capability, already within yourself, to do things you previously would not have thought possible.

The 2nd is Eye-Opening. Through the course of the week, I was prompted to look within myself in a totally unique way. It was deep, and it was vulnerable, and I was exposed to my own subconscious in a way I never had been before. Ignite sort of grabs hold of your point of view and tears off your “normal goggles”, so you can see things the way they are. It was like my endless potential and my blatant inadequacies were laid out in front of me, and I was asked to choose which path to take.

The 3rd is Bonding. One of the most important, and most impactful things about Ignite was the people. The relationships. Ignite is such a special environment. When you get a group of people together from all over the country, dedicated to finding themselves, pushing their limits and achieving their potential, you get some of the deepest conversations, and most meaningful interactions you’ll ever experience.

If you go to Ignite, I can’t tell you what you get out of it. Everyone’s experience is different. It’s incomparable. It’s unexpected. It’s unpredictable. There’s one thing I can say for sure: it’s gonna be one heck of an adventure!



Change in life is inevitable. Ignite gave me the tools to face the fear I have of the unknown. To really live my life with passion and develop myself to overcome that which challenges me.



Come to Ignite to understand, and most importantly, experience what life and relationships can be; how amazing they can be. At the very least, come to Ignite to change your attitude on life itself, which will forever change your world.



Your eyes will be open to new things. A new adventure, new relationships and a new direction. It is so different than any other camp I have attended. I felt connected.When you think of five days, it seems so short right? Everyday you have a new experience, stretching out time. You literally feel like time has stopped. I have gained so much.



Ignite really wakes you up. Gets you out of your daily routine and you can really take a good look at yourself and your life. It can help you overcome your past and fears, and be able to move forward. It challenges you and helps you grow.



I still can’t believe how much I’ve changed in just five days. I opened my heart to everyone in this camp and learned how to express my love to others. What I’ve learned will stay with me forever.