For 10 years we have been creating moving experiences that empower a new generation of leaders. Designed to inspire today’s youth to discover purpose and passion in their lives, each day is filled with guided activities and education, mirroring real life situations, problems and obstacles.

It’s not about the ‘thing’ – the event, the activity, even the people that come into your life. Develop your internal compass to guide you through all ‘things’ and to see them as a gift and an opportunity.”

Each activity is designed for a specific purpose; to help participants learn something about themselves and what it means to be a leader in their own lives, as well as in their communities and in the world. Whether it’s from camping, high adventure or any number of exciting/challenging activities, members of Ignite will have to dig deep within themselves for the strength to continue investing. Although many may think that they are not strong enough, brave enough, or that they simply don’t have what it takes to overcome the obstacles in their life, we’re here to show them that they do have what it takes and that they are strong enough. Participants will discover that they are more powerful than they could ever imagine.

The environment of Ignite is set up for your success. It’s up to you to decide if you really want it. Will you just go through the training and have an ‘okay experience’, or will you give everything and have a life changing experience? The choice is yours!


Ignite 2019

July 23 at 3 PM – July 28 at 2 PM EDT

UTS – 30 Seminary Drive, Barrytown, NY



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Important Notice

Please understand that Ignite is an outdoor camp and the NextGen Trainings staff is committed to making any necessary accommodations for your experience. If you are sensitive to heat/sunlight or if you have any physical limitations or concerns, please inform our Ignite staff before the program at