How do I apply for a NGT Program?

If you are ready to apply for a specific program, go to Apply page, select your desired program, and follow the instructions provided.
To simply find out more information about each program, please check out our trainings
If you have any more questions, please feel free to email us at

How can I remain informed about future NGT programs?

You can follow us on our Facebook Fan Page to get the latest pictures, announcements, and videos. Go to the NGT Facebook Page.

Does NGT do anything with local communities?

In our desire to reach out to and inspire the youth of America, NGT is providing local high schools the opportunity to receive a series of presentations on leadership, entitled the Momentum Training Series. Those who attend will be challenged to reach their full potential and to make an impact in their community and in the world.

How does NGT decide locations for its different programs?

Our locations are based solely on the demographics of our participants and the availability of land.

What is NGT affiliated with?

NGT is a branch of NextGen Academy .

Who participates in NGA's program?

NGT hopes to spread its message to as many people, with programs tailored to different demographics.

Ignite is designed for young adults ranging for age 16 to 30.
Fusion is designed for families, whether it’s just you and a sibling/parent or your whole family.
Momentum is designed for junior high school and high school classroom.

Can NGT support my child with medical conditions?

NGT strongly believes that any and all people deserve the opportunity to discover themselves and their potential through our programs; however, at the moment, we are limited by resources and may not be able to handle a serious physical condition. If you have any concerns about your child’s current situation or safety in any of our trainings please feel free to contact us.

How safe are NGT programs?

In all of our ventures and activities, every precaution and safety level is considered and taken. Our staff is trained to handle unexpected and crisis situations and circumstances.

Which NGT Program is right for me?

NGT aims to provide unique experiences through our trainings, each with a specific focus.

  •  Ignite is for young adults from the ages of 16 to 30, seeking to focus on personal growth and development.
  • Fusion is designed for you to attend with your family. Whether with your parents, siblings, or children, all family members are invited. However, the education and activities may not be as applicable to younger children, so it is advised that all attending children be at least 13 years of age. Fusion is for those who are seeking honest and real communication, understanding, and improved connection within their family. You can also attend by yourself or with close friends; the experience is built so whatever you can gain from Fusion during camp is something that you can bring back home with you.
How often does NGT hold programs/camps such as Ignite?

NGT will be introducing the Momentum Training Series to schools across the western and southern United States between February until June and will typically hold 3-4 Ignite Camps and 1 Fusion Camp during the summer.

How many participants will be at Ignite?

Ignite is an intense leadership camp focused on challenging and empowering its participants. In order to create this atmosphere, there will be a limited number of people accepted.

Are there follow up programs for participants who complete Ignite Adventure Camp?

For Ignite Alumni, there are several ways to stay involved. We now have our Fusion Family Camp available for you and your family. You also have the option of coming back next year as Ignite Staff, being able to help create this incredible experience to new participants.

How can I become involved with NextGen Trainings?

Anyone interested in helping with NextGen Trainings can contact us via e-mail at for more information. We also accept volunteers who have graduated from NGT programs to help be trained as staff for camps.

Still Have Questions?

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