About Us

Founded in 2010, NextGen Trainings is a service that offers a series of personal development workshops and programs geared towards individuals and families aspiring for more authenticity and abundance in their lives.

Whether you’re a young professional seeking new adventures and challenges, a family member looking to deepen the bonds between you and your parents and siblings, or a teacher looking for an opportunity to introduce effective anti-bullying curricula into your classroom, NextGen Trainings has a program for you!

NextGen Trainings is an affiliate of the NextGen Leadership Academy (NGA).
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NGA is a registered 501.(c)3 non-profit volunteer organization providing a year long program for college-aged youth to develop as leaders as they conduct both domestic and international service work. Though we recognize that not everyone has the time to join the year long program on NGA, we believe that everyone should have a chance to experience NGA’s unique, hands-on approach to personal development.

That’s where NextGen Trainings comes in.


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